Monday, 23 July 2012

Ipswich once again on the news: gangs on trial

Ipswich once again on the news: gangs on trial
I have been to Ipswich several times. Compared to London it looks like a very peaceful, rather quiet sort of place, but looks can be deceptive.  Some years ago, the town was on the news due to a string of attacks against prostitutes linked to the narcotics trade. Now the town is on the news because of court appearances of an Asian gang involved in sexual offenses against minors.
Regardless of the fact that sexual offenses can be committed and are committed by individuals of all backgrounds the number of incidents involving Asians is on the increase and the said incidents do not occur in one particular town. They are spreading like wildfire. There have been voices of alarm from within the Asian Community that said that politically correct attitudes promote this kind of violence.
For the moment, other communities that are targeted have shown restraint and there have been no vigilante-like reprisals.

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