Friday, 13 July 2012

John Terry Found Not Guilty Of Racist Abuse

Terry and Cole against the lies of political correctness
Looking at the case and at the wide array of things that happen in everyday life, once again, we have seen vast amounts of legal efforts and money squandered. Even in times of plenty, the implementation of politically correct legislation cannot possibly be justified. Many people say all kinds of things when they are angry. Taunting is very much a way of putting an adversary, contender or competitor in the wrong state of mind. Politicians do it all the time. It might not be classified as racist but in actual fact, racist or not racist, the aim is exactly the same.

The Romans used the expression ‘Panem et Circem’ (Bread and Circuses). We are getting less and less bread, but we still get plenty of Circuses and the mass media exploit legislation as a source of Circuses. I would like to know how much money was spent in the Ferdinand/Terry Circus. We are seeing NHS staff losing their jobs, soldiers losing their jobs and services being closed down. Where do people think the money to pay for Circuses like the Ferdinand/Terry Circus comes from? The money comes from the same pot used to pay for NHS staff, soldiers, Police officers (whose numbers are also falling, from the cuts in housing benefits that are leaving families on the streets, from the pensions that are being cut, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

This is not only about the Fred Goodwins paid more than 3 million pound for his forced retirement (money that came from central taxation because the bank he was working for was partially bought by the State). This is about generalized waste created by politically correct legislation that is being used and abused by all kinds of people. If the money wasted in non-legal cases like the Ferdinand-Terry Affair was saved, many people would not be dying because the State would be able to provide necessary treatments against Cancer and other diseases. We could perhaps keep public libraries open. We could maintain services for the elderly and the disabled that are being withdrawn by local authorities because of budget cuts.

Unfortunately, I have to say that Panem et Circem will continue thanks to corruption and sheer stupidity.


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