Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1970’s Latin America and present realities

1970’s Latin America and present realities

When we look at contemporary events and we look at Latin America in the 1970s we can easily find a link between what happened then and what could happen in the near future if Marxism is allowed to prosper. The destruction of Salvador Allende’s regime and the rise of military dictatorships in Latin America were the best of a whole range of much worse alternatives.

Latin America had to be purged and still wasn’t purged enough because the Marxist leftovers have been extremely destructive. In later years, Marxism became associated with drug trafficking operations that have been both means and aim. For example, guerrillas across Latin America and the IRA in Europe benefitted from the evil trade in the very same manner that Islamic Terrorists are using drug trafficking and prostitution as a source of income.

America and the Western World in general are no longer able to deal with the threat using conventional means and therefore more deadly alternatives will have to be implemented. Global demographics would make finding a final solution a much easier process. Water and energy will be the prime movers but the battle will be ideological and the means will not be conventional.

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