Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Like ALS, G4S has proven to be a shambles

Like ALS, G4S has proven to be a shambles

Trying to cut corners, the Ministry of Justice awarded a contract to a single company charged of providing translators and interpreters for the Police and the Judiciary. A direct consequence of the foolishness that sacrificed competent translators and interpreters was miscarriages of justice and delays.
G4S is proving to be yet another foolish idea. Never mind if the numbers of Police officers and Soldiers are being cut when acting Police and Soldiers are being used to try and save the day when the Olympic Games are concerned. Very badly thought and very badly implemented policies are showing real LibLabCon Britain.

The population of the United Kingdom grew by 12% in a decade. Now British Authorities are bringing Romanian police to keep their fellow Romanians under control. Hyde Park converted into a Gypsy camp? There is no hope in hell of being able to change the present mess using peaceful means. We know what is happening to public services. Education, housing, public transport, healthcare… wherever you look there is some sort of crisis. I wonder why.

Primo de Rivera spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Things will change by the Force of Reason or by the Reason of Force.

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