Friday, 13 December 2013

Thanks to USA, AlQaeda is winning the war in Iraq

News reports indicate that 'vast swathes of Iraq are now controlled by AlQaeda' that is also linked to AlQaeda rebels fighting in Syria.

Here is the account given about what is going on in Iraq facilitated by the United States of America.

"Ten years after the capture of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is at risk of becoming a failed state again as al-Qaeda reclaims vast swathes of the country. Friday’s anniversary of the Iraqi dictator's arrest sees the country still struggling with his legacy, with al-Qaeda launching a fresh campaign of terrorist atrocities from new territory carved out in western and northern Iraq. 

Backed by jihadists fighting the civil war in neighbouring Syria, the group is trying to create an “emirate” straddling the two countries, taking advantage of the collapse in security across the border.
Bridges linking four key border towns on the Iraqi side have been dynamited, making it difficult for security forces to operate in the area.
Road signs have even been put up proclaiming it to be the turf of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the name for the joint Syrian-Iraqi al-Qaeda franchise."

Open your eyes. This is what thousands of American soldiers have given their lives for. Rather than fighting against terrorism, they have created fertile grounds for terrorism to prosper.

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