Monday, 23 December 2013

Kashmira Gander, writer for The Independent does not know the meaning of White Christmas

Kashmira Gander, a female writer for The Independent newspaper committed an intolerable mistake that shows her lack of cultural awareness regarding Christian traditions. In an article that appears today on the online version of The Independent she literally says that the use of the expression White Christmas together with the picture of a white European girl celebrating Christmas is 'racist'.

A formal complaint has been sent to the Press Complaints Commission and a formal complaint to The Independent newspaper has also been sent.

On this day and age, when we face so many problems generated by cultural differences, remedial action must be taken to educate people about Christian traditions so that mistakes like the mistake committed by Kashmira Gander don't happen again (or at least don't happen so often).

The Independent should ensure that its writers and editors have the necessary qualifications in terms of education and cultural awareness not to embarrass other members of its staff by transforming The Independent into a laughing stock.

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  1. The christian girl on the card was very beautiful maybe Kashmira was just intimidated by her looks pure of heart ,fair of skin and bright of eye?