Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Something to think about

Everybody has the right to be proud of their own identity and ethnicity without being called Racist.

Sometimes, we have to present reality in a certain way to make people think and to clearly see what is wrong. I am very much against something that in Britain is called Positive Discrimination. Firstly, I believe that the choice of words is unfortunate and, secondly, I believe that what they call Positive Discrimination is nothing more than Discrimination.

Positive Discrimination actually means Preferential Treatment for individuals of a certain ethnic origin. Positive Discrimination was applied in Apartheid South Africa. Positive Discrimination was also applied in National Socialist Germany. For many years, Positive Discrimination was applied in the United States of America against many ethnic groups and not just those of African descent but also Native Americans.

Those justifying Positive Discrimination based their reasoning on the implementation of quota systems and this is why, even today, people applying for a job in the United Kingdom have to fill up a questionnaire detailing their ethnic background. Having said that, in the United Kingdom, the system goes even further. They also ask you about gender, religion and sexual preferences. I believe the questionnaire is quite intrusive and unjustifiable on moral grounds.

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