Sunday, 1 December 2013

Calling ourselves Human Beings doesn't change the fact that we are animals

It is comical and sometimes tragic to hear or read comments made by people that ignore the fact that despite calling ourselves Human Beings we are still very much Animals that can be classified according to certain characteristics.

Nick Clegg felt offended by Boris Johnson's words about people who are more able or less able than others, more intelligent or less intelligent than others, cleverer or less clever than others.

Nick Clegg said that Boris Johnson was referring to people as if they were 'a breed of dogs'. Well, we might not be 'a breed of dogs' but there are still breeds of Human Beings with more potential or less potential than others because of their individual characteristics.

Boris Johnson is wrong to talk about people like “a breed of dogs” and his views on social mobility show “unpleasant, careless elitism” Nick Clegg said. In a speech at the Margaret Thatcher lecture, Boris Johnson suggested that economic equality will never be possible because some people are too stupid to get ahead.

Elitism? What elitism? Those who have talents and use them to better themselves, go forward. Those who have talents and don't do the effort and those who don't have talents stay behind. Life is very much like an Olympic Marathon.

The Lib Dem Leader is nothing more than a Demagogue pretending to be nice by telling everybody that all of them can be Olympic Champions. Being honest is not the same as being uncaring. Quite the opposite.

We struggle so that everybody can have a decent life but we don't forget for a second the characteristics that make us different from each other. We treat everybody with kindness because we believe that this is the essence of being Human and Humane.

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