Thursday, 12 December 2013

Obama having a laugh at Mandela's funeral and a fake interpreter

For all the rehearsed shows of grief, the image of President Barak Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron and the daughter in law of former Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock having fun at Mandela's Funeral shows the real picture behind a gigantic propaganda exercise with some mass media comparing Nelson Mandela to Jesus Christ.

As if this gigantic exhibition of sheer hypocrisy was not enough, we are faced with the news that the interpreter standing side by side with President Obama to translate formal speeches is mentally ill and hears voices and that hundreds of thousands of people were left wondering what the heck President Obama was talking about. But, there is more. Reportedly, it was not the first time a similar incident had occurred.

This is nothing more than yet another spectacle of a very expensive circus of people who are much detached from ordinary people and who used the mass media to keep themselves in their positions of privilege while ordinary people struggle to make ends meet.

In South Africa today there are more townships and more misery that there ever was during the years of Apartheid. The execution of black miners carried out by black Police officers acting under the ANC government didn't happen under the Apartheid Regime. South Africa is at the top of the list of countries suffering aids, prostitution including child prostitution to make ends meet, corruption, sexual violence including rape and racial violence.

When we talk about the legacy of Nelson Mandela, let's talk about today's South Africa and let's tell the truth about what is really happening when former ANC members and anybody daring to challenge a corrupt regime faces persecution.

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