Sunday, 8 December 2013

True British Nationalism and Political Gimmicks

Thanks to their association with symbols of Das Dritte Reich, in Britain the National Front and other so called Nationalist organizations never managed to achieve real political success in a country in which both its armed forces and its civilian population suffered the bloody consequences of World War Two.

The images of Dunkirk, the sacrifices of the British merchant Navy, the Battle of Britain, the Vergeltung rockets and later on the atrocities that became apparent as Das Dritte Reich was coming to an end were a powerful message that no rational individual could ever possibly ignore and therefore anybody wanting to use the symbols of Das Dritte Reich in British politics was bound to fail miserably.

I simply cannot understand what went on in the minds of individuals who calling themselves British Nationalists showed allegiance to the ideas of those who tried to destroy Britain. British traditions and the British Empire had achieved a lot more than a dictatorial regime that merely lasted 13 years. So, what led them to reject their true British Identity? National Socialist salutes, Armbands and black shirts could only alienate ordinary Britons rightly proud of their British Heritage.

Funnily enough, the same kind of phenomena have occurred in America and even in Russia that lost more than 25 million people during World War Two. I can only attribute such phenomena to sheer ignorance and to the most catastrophic lack of understanding.

Karl Gerhardt Hohenstauffen

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