Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nicolas Anelka: What do you know about 'anti-Semitic gestures'?

The day will come when all of us will have to tie up our hands behind our backs just in case somebody accuses us of having done 'anti-something gestures'.

I have been in politics for many years and this is the first time I become aware that putting your left hand the position shown on the picture is an 'anti-Semitic gesture'.

I bet that billons of people around the world did not have a clue that doing that was an 'anti-Semitic gesture'.

The behavior of the mass media is both childish and dangerous. Do we need any more controversies and confrontations because of what somebody did or didn't do during a football match? Do we need to have people giving sports a political dimension? I was born in a country in which football or soccer (whichever way you call it) is almost everything and I never expected to see so much nonsense written about what is no more than a sporting competition of men playing with a ball inside a rectangular field.

A few days ago, they were talking about the Yiddish Army and there was a series of scandals about the use of the expression Yiddish Army. The time is long overdue to forget about politics, to forget about racism, to forget about anything that is not directly linked to watching people kicking a ball and having a good time.

Let's treat football as what football is: football and nothing more.


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