Sunday, 22 December 2013

Vincent Cable wants to put up interest rates and abolish help for first-time home buyers

With typical Liberal Democrat insensitivity, Vincent Cable MP wants to abolish aid for first-time buyers and to put up interest rates. The political party that promised to oppose University Tuition Fees and later on supported the rise of University Tuition Fees strikes again.

Not ago, Simon Hughes MP was complaining in the house of commons that foreign investors are taking over all new housing in Bermondsey, when he openly supports Flood Immigration or, shall I say, when his political party support Flood Immigration.

A sudden rise of interest rates in a country in which millions are struggling to pay their mortgage instalments is like giving poison to a patient that is already struggling with food poisoning.

The Elitist Liberal Democrats don't give a damn about ordinary Britons in the same way that they didn't give a damn about cash strapped students who, most probably, after getting in debt to obtain a degree, with or without degree, will end up in debt and without a job because their jobs would have been taken away by foreigners before they even leave University.

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