Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Europe is heading towards War: Italy warns about political insurrection

The present economic environment is totally unsustainable. As France heads towards recession, Italy warns about political insurrection. Greedy bankers are talking about increasing interest rates and this will be the trigger that will destroy the middle-classes across Europe.

As long as the middle-classes are not affected, violence can be contained. It was the collapse of the middle-classes in Germany that led to Adolf Hitler's Rise. In the last few months, the middle-classes raided their saving accounts while those below have got themselves into debt at percentages of more than 1,000 per cent to try to make ends meet, in a losing battle for survival.

History repeats itself. Uncontrollable greed, massive speculation, and the absence of a real economy to support the value of the main currencies in a situation made worse by printing banknotes in what is deceptively called Quantitative Easing has created a bubble that is several times bigger than the 1929 bubble.

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