Monday, 16 December 2013

Cameron: Mission accomplished in Afghanistan? What was it?

Cameron Declares 'Mission Accomplished' in Afghanistan?
In 2001, the goal of the so called mission in Afghanistan was to counter AlQaeda as punishment for the USA bombings in September 2001. So, Peter from Saudi Arabia (most of the bombers who carried out the attacks were from Saudi Arabia) was the culprit and George from Afghanistan was attacked (mostly farmers and civilians who had nothing to do with the attacks carried out in the USA were 'carpet bombed' and killed without them having a clue of why they were under attack.)

Later on, when the International Community started to question the wisdom of bombing and invading Afghanistan, nobody knew for certain what the objectives of a war that has gone on for more than twelve-years actually were and those involved in the war didn't know either.

Most of Afghanistan has always remained in the hands of Taliban guerrillas anyway and the so called allies not even managed to control the territory they had actually invaded including the capital Kabul.

Soon after, the conflict spread into Pakistan and this is why in violation of the every rule in the book, with total disregard for International Law, the USA is now using drones to kill men, women and children (although the declared objective is to combat terrorism). Needless to say, they are killing people indiscriminately.

The AlQaeda threat has increased instead of decreased and is now present in the Indian Subcontinent, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Africa and the Western World as a whole.

Now, a happy-go-lucky Prime Minister tells us "Mission Accomplished in Afghanistan." Which one? What mission has been accomplished in Afghanistan? Taliban controls most of the country and as soon as Western foreigners leave they will take control of the entire country. Relationships with the Muslim World are worse than ever before, countries are more unstable than ever before and people are being slaughtered in religious conflicts.

If this was a tennis match, we could unanimously tell David Cameron 'You cannot be serious'.

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