Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Celebrations: Only England and Scotland?

I must say that I had no expectations about New Year celebrations. I wasn't fooled by all the hype about fireworks and the vision of vast numbers of people jumping around on the streets. It looked as if only London in England and Edinburgh in Scotland had any celebrations at all or so I felt.

I heard television presenters talking about an additional gimmick - people were going to be able to smell different fruity aromas or even taste fruity flavours. Since I wasn't in the crowd, and for all those who were not in the crowd, it was merely something that I and many people would not be able to experience.

Having said that, the one shocking detail was the fact that, apart from London and Edinburgh, the rest of the country - and there might have been something to report - was left very much in the dark. There was no real sense of elation or celebration, no mention of any hopes or aspirations.

I have become very cynical about New Year celebrations and about Christmas celebrations. I guess the combination of commercialization and financial statistics is more than enough to kill any festive spirit.

With regards to Christmas celebrations, and this happened before the 24th and 25th of December, I very much enjoyed the Christmas celebrations organized by a local school that took place at the local Church. There were no commercials tempting people to buy things that people don't actually need and no reports about how well or how bad Christmas shopping had been.

I had a very emotive and very beautiful time filled up with the true meaning of Christmas. At my age, I felt like the little child I was when Christmas was Christmas.

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