Friday, 10 January 2014

The extraordinary resilience of a persecuted and demonised political party

Despite all the venom that for many decades has been used against the British National Party by all kind of organizations including Governments, Parliament, Trade Unions, Political Parties and education centres, the mass media - and the list goes on - today, more than twenty year later, the organization is not just standing.

The British National Party has been setting the trends of the national debate on many issues and subjects that were treated as taboo subjects are now been talked about nationally and internationally.

Compared to the so called giants of British politics, British National Party membership has always represented a handful of people that without major financial support have dedicated themselves to keep alive an idea.

Let us remember that the British National Party has never had any representation in the Houses of Parliament, has never had any control of any local or regional authority, has never won a major election and has never had the support of the mass media.

Despite all this and against all odds, the brand British National Party is a national institution that is now recognized internationally and is talked about internationally.

I don't think for a minute that its founders could ever imagine that without having any major electoral success such a little organisation that grew up in and around local taverns, very often having meetings in dilapidated rooms with very bad lighting and in very poor conditions could have such a strength and such an influence in British politics.

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