Sunday, 19 January 2014

UKIP: Of floods caused by homosexuality

When a UKIP politician stands up and says that flooding in the United Kingdom is being caused by actions of homosexuals, in a first instance you might be inclined to say that we are dealing with lunatics taking over the asylum.

Now, when you think again and think about the amount of money being invested by advertisers in the United States of America to support religious programmed conducted by priests that become mass media stars, when you think about the many churches across America and the many people who reject Charles Darwin's ideas about Evolution, you know that UKIP might be trying to take advantage of a multi-million industry for its own political purposes.

As the BBC reports, UKIP is also trying to attract Asian communities that themselves have issues about homosexuality and suddenly the whole thing becomes a mix of religion, foreign policy and of the need to gather as much support as possible to make a real breakthrough in British politics because, as we know, money talks and it is money what has given and will give UKIP the tools to use the mass media effectively to persuade the British public that UKIP is not just a phase and that is has real chances of replacing the official Conservative Party.

Lunatics? Maybe. If well implemented, this could be a master's move to attract funding American funding while using other issues to create a very wide support base.

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