Sunday, 5 January 2014

Nigel Farage now says that Enoch Powell was right

Nigel Farage: 'the basic principle of Enoch Powell's speech is right. Some passage from the 1968 River of Blood Speech describing the problems of immigration are now true for much of England.

Of course Enoch Powell was right and now we are starting to see what he predicted and things keep going the way they are going we are going to have Rivers of Blood.

Only feeble minded and ideologically brainwashed individuals can refuse to accept what is happening right now not only in Britain but also across Europe.

Anders Breivik was just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until the middle-class are engulfed by the mess created by Globalists and Marxist ideologists. David Blunkett warned about riots. Riots are the least of our concerns. It could get a lot worse than that. The word War has to be mentioned. There are too many contradictions and far too many people living in desperate conditions.


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