Friday, 3 January 2014

Cameron told by House of Lords that they will not allow a Referendum on Europe

David Cameron MP  was told by members of the House of Lords that they will not allow a Referendum on Europe. So even if the Conservative Party were to win the next General Election the British Prime Minister would not be able to deliver what is evidently a smoke curtain to delay, delay, and delay even more something that David Cameron and others really don't want to offer.
The British Prime Minister that very willingly offered a Referendum on Scottish Independence has been quite reluctant to offer a Referendum on Europe and a few months ago, when UKIP and the British National Party campaigned for a Referendum on Europe and had the matter debated in the House of Commons, David Cameron threatened his own Members of Parliament telling them not to support a Referendum on Europe.
In the end, either because the Conservative Party loses in the next General Election or because the House of Lords opposes a Referendum on Europe, the British people will not have a Referendum on Europe.
If you want a Referendum on Europe, stop supporting the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party and vote for parties that will truly offer you a Referendum on Europe. The one thing you can be certain is that the one political party that having the power to do so will implement a Referendum on Europe is the British National Party.

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