Sunday, 5 January 2014

David Blunkett talks about riots, Ed Miliband... will it be war?

It is highly irresponsible to flood Britain with millions of desperate people who have very little in common and not even speak the same language. Ethnic differences will be the St Andreas fault of Britain in a no so distant future. Firstly, we had David Blunkett talking about riots between the Roma gypsy communities and the Asian communities. Now, we have Ed Miliband talking about desperate measures to protect those who cannot help themselves and are fighting for their lives with no skills and facing increasing competition from low skilled workers coming from abroad. They have no allegiance to Britain. They don't speak English and have different sets of beliefs. All they have is their desperation to survive and in order to survive things are going to get dirty. This is going to become like the Roman Circus where gladiators were told that in order to survive they had to kill each other in a bloody battle. We had anticipated this kind of scenario. When we thought that the so-called sheds with beds was the worst that we could get, we are going to have people living in tents and on the streets, unable to find a job and still having children of their own. I reckon this is not the kind of touristic attraction we expected to have when people are sleeping rough a few blocks away from Buckingham Palace. Labour and their acolytes have created a Dickensian Reality in the Twenty-First Century.

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