Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Welfare State is destroying peoples' drive to succeed

When somebody says 'I am better off living on benefits instead of earning a living having a job' this should be a wake up call to take action and stop making welfare payments.

Unless we force people to get out of their comforts zones, staying in bed and doing nothing for themselves they will ruin their own lives and they will seriously compromise everybody else's wellbeing because their laziness is paid with someone else tax monies.

Protecting the disabled, those who are ill, children and the elderly is one thing. Financing laziness and crime is quite another. No Welfare payments should be paid to those who are able to work but are not willing to go out and earn a living.

Most importantly, for decades Britain has been making landlords reach by paying them tax monies to keep people in homes that they cannot afford. This becomes a spiral of rising housing costs that benefits the unscrupulous that keep putting prices up because they know that the State will continue paying and paying.

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