Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Jack Straw accused of Racism regarding immigration?

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw MP has stated that Labour messed things up by allowing huge numbers of Hungarians and Poles to come to Britain and that it was a 'spectacular mistake'.

The statement comes the day after Mr. Blunkett, also Former Home Secretary, indicate that British cities could face riots as an influx of gipsies creates friction with local people.

With the exception of Ireland and Sweden, all other EU states imposed rules that did not allow the new migrants from Hungary and Poland to work until 2011 (until seven years after accession).

Labour is suffering a backlash from ethnic Labour members who have been systematically replaced by newcomers from the European Union. In one particular case, Black Labour supporters decided to resign the Labour whip and became Independent Labour only to be thrown out of the Labour Party.

In areas that had become strongholds of people of African and Asian descent, there is a growing pre-eminence of white Christian Eastern Europeans with very strong cultural identities and no nonsense approach regarding racial issues.

The rabbits with rabbits and foxes with foxes approach from Eastern Europe is something Labour failed to think about when it promoted mass immigration for racial purposes.

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