Saturday, 16 November 2013

Manual Labour is as important as Intellectual Labour

Revaluing manual labour should be one of the key duties of any political administration. As many countries learn through critical situations, a street sweeper is as important as a specialized surgeon. Myths and misconceptions have created as state of widespread confusion that make people believe that mere Instruction is Education.

Instruction and Education are two different things. Most of what pupils get in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities is merely Instruction and this is why so many students with University degrees are a complete and utter failure in the working place.

We have played around with concepts like IQ, pretending that having a high IQ was in itself some sort of achievement and in fact it isn't. Somewhere along the way, trying to explain why so many people with very high IQs are living failures a new concept was coined and defined as Emotional Intelligence.

We face situations in which students with a whole set of A Levels are rejected by Universities that choose students that have lesser qualifications instead. Why? They have discovered that some of those who are categorized as 'Excellent' are just robots and are unable to function in the real world.

The said robots learnt what they were told but know very little else about everything else. This is why yet another concept is in use: 'rounded-up individuals'. Some schools make having as many extra-curricular activities as possible a priority. There is the understanding that some people might excel in the subjects that they chose to study but they are still unable to function as human beings in the real world.

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