Sunday, 3 November 2013

Houses built on flood plains: a nightmare created by unscrupulous local authorities

In recent years we have heard again and again about people having to face the nightmares caused by flooding, nightmares made a thousand times worse by the fact that many properties in the United Kingdom are built on floodplains.

Such nightmares have been in many cases man made by unscrupulous local authorities that knowingly allowed buildings and developers to build homes in dangerous areas when it was common knowledge that such areas were going to be the first to be affected by flooding.

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems, with impunity, have put peoples' lives in danger so that somebody could cash in when desperate people were looking for a place they could call home. As direct consequence have had to contend not only with the damages caused by flooding. They have also had to face higher insurance premiums and insurance providers have also profited by putting up insurance premiums across the country including in areas that are not prone to flooding.

Despite a long history of disasters caused by irresponsible behavior, local authorities still allow builders and developers to use flood plains and the British National Party is now campaigning against and denouncing such irresponsible behaviour.

On Saturday, November 17th, 2013, Councillors Tina Gentry and Richard Perry would like you to attend the Eastern Region Demonstration against 900 homes to be built on a flood plain.  The demonstration will take place near the Le Bouchon Hotel, The Square, Holloway Road, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, CM94LT.

For additional information, you can contact Richard on 01621 841518 or on 07815 822898

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