Saturday, 30 November 2013

Conservative Party strengthened Independence Movement in Scotland

The Conservative Party fuelled anti-English and strengthened the Independence Movement in Scotland.

The trend towards the creation and reinforcement of a British Identity started with the treaties that led to the creation of the United Kingdom.

Centuries of European wars in which English, Scots, Welsh and Irish lives were lost helped to cement British Identity as people were fighting for a common cause.

Successive Conservative administrations systematically eroded British identity north of the border and the dismantling and amalgamation of Scottish Regiments that embodied a common heritage and sense of loyalty did much to fuel widespread animosity, if not hatred.

Expressions of rejection of the British Identity became commonplace with people openly declaring that there were Scottish and not British.

The resentment that led to the partition of Ireland and the creation of the Republic of Ireland is now replicated by a secession movement in Scotland. Paradoxically, the Province of Northern Ireland was only possible because of Scottish allegiance to the British Crown, the same Scottish allegiance that could now be coming to an end.

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