Thursday, 21 November 2013

With manipulated campaigns and rigged elections UK can hardly be a real democracy

In the United Kingdom, that is supposed to be one of the oldest Democracies, the Mass Media manipulate elections to the point that most people are kept unaware even of the existence of candidates and of proposals that the Mass Media don't like. The direct consequence of this manipulation is that during recent council elections barely forty percent of those entitled to vote actually voted.

It is even more ridiculous when you think that this is happening with the so called Electoral Commission acting as an accomplice in  something that I don't hesitate to call 'criminal'. The so called 'rules' are so 'flexible 'that the Electoral Commission does not even call them rules. They called 'guidelines'. This means that the mass media can do whatever they want and they cannot be made accountable for it.

In terms of public debates, in the UK there are no truly democratic debates because debates take place excluding candidates that won't ever have a chance of being heard. The problem is not only about people who choose bad governments. People are not even allowed to have real choices because in the United Kingdom elections are rigged.

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