Friday, 29 November 2013

Scottish Independence? UK General Elections 2015?

In 1997, the Conservative Party lost the UK General Election giving way to new Labour that won a historic Parliamentary majority but this was not the only consequence of the General Election. The Conservative Party was practically wiped out both in Scotland and in Wales.

Since then, the situation has been evolving and the Scottish National Party that seeks Scottish Independence took the reins of power in Scotland leaving behind all three UK major political parties and replacing Labour as the major political party in Scotland.

Should the Referendum on Independence be successful, the political map of the United Kingdom will once again suffer dramatic changes that will undoubtedly affect the outcome of UK Elections and also affect the outcome of European Election in what is left of the United Kingdom that will have an ever lesser say in the European Parliament being left in greater disadvantage because of two factors: the loss of Scottish MEPs and the reduction of representation produced by the accession of new EU member states.

This situation will undoubtedly benefit Germany that despite being already prominent will be even more powerful regarding EU arrangements with a weakened United Kingdom.

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