Sunday, 24 November 2013

How did Hitler rise to power? Mass unemployment and political polarization

The reality of generation after generation with growing needs and no jobs is a recipe for chaos and extremism. It happened before and if we are not careful it will happen again.

Millions of disillusioned youngsters will soon become adults in a world that does not care and as the gap between rich and poor grows so do the numbers of those who have no future.

The so called mainstream political parties keep playing games getting involved in meaningless arguments that do not provide the answers needed. It happened before in Germany during the first half of the Twentieth-Century and it will happen again sooner than later.

What do the so called mainstream political parties in Britain do? They get together to pass legislation to stop people from demonstrating peacefully as if repression and mass media blackouts could be the recipe to avoid Armageddon.

What do the Liberal Democrats care about? They don't want to offend the EU authorities by limiting the rights of newcomers to claim welfare payments. Welfare payments act as an incentive for flood immigration that is destabilizing the British economy and creating tensions between communities, tensions that could easily become explosive.

Labour is lost in the midst of its internal power struggles. The Conservatives are still consumed by political correctness that they call 'middle-ground', not realizing that the said 'middle-ground' is what created the present crisis to the point that the so called mainstream political parties are no longer alternatives but a mere replica of the same kind of recipes that do not work.

I have no doubts whatsoever that political correctness will lead to war. When people are left with less and less options, violence becomes an acceptable option. Despair is the root cause of gang violence and there is a very small step between gang violence and organized political violence. The storm troopers of the 1920's and 1930's didn't come out of nowhere.

As the tactics of EDL and UAF demonstrate, bursts of adrenaline can lead to riots. Desperate people will engage in political gymnastics to express their frustrations and political polarization will do the rest acting as a trigger for even more violence. 


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