Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Last English Shipyard is on its way out

The news came and it hardly had any impact on news programmes. "1,800 jobs to go in Portsmouth. End of an Era" However, we know that a lot more than that is being lost.

This is the end of a great nation called the United Kingdom. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that facilities in Scotland will remain fully active 'until after the Scottish Referendum when a decision will be made about building or not building new generations of battleships'.

Once the final touches are given to two airplane carriers, the curtains will come down at the last English shipyard and all that will be left of an industry that made Britain great will be lost forever. You could still see Admiral Nelson's Victory as a cruel reminder of what Britain used to be before treacherous, incompetent and corrupt politicians who only have in mind their pitiful and shameful short-term interests took power.

What happened to the Railways has happened to the airline industry and to the shipyards, the manufacturing plants that made Britain rich and famous and the public services that made Britain proud. What survives has been sold to the highest bidder and practically nothing of consequence is actually in British hands. Even the City of London is no longer British.

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