Tuesday, 26 November 2013

RMT Union Bob Crow: £145,000 a year and living in a council home?

"I won't move out of my council home", states Bob Crow, the £145,000 a year boss of the RMT Union who also said that he has 'no moral duty' to move out of his North London home. Marxist hypocrisy at its best.

Bob Crow went even went on to say that 'buying his own family home would be unfair on his family, who has lived there for 30 years." Let's see if we understand that. Thirsty-years living in subsidized accommodation because, regardless of him "paying his rent", social housing is still subsidized accommodation.

In typical Nomenklatura style (Nomenklatura was the name given to the high-ranking apparatchiks of the Soviet Communist Party who enjoyed all the perks of being up on the scale while ordinary people had to struggle to survive).

Bob Crow is a declared enemy of the British National Party. I wonder why. Why should a depraved individuals who has no qualms about using Council property for more than three decades even when today he ears a six figure salary be against a British National Party that wants to get rid of a Marxist Nomenklatura? Well, another Marxist called Frank Dobson, a Labour MP, despite all the perks of being a Member of Parliament, like many other Left Wing politicians lives in Council properties while ordinary Britons are struggling to find a family home. 

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