Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christianity extinct in the UK within a generation?

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, warns Christianity "a generation away from extinction" in Britain. Well, I wonder why. The Anglican Church has prostituted itself to be 'modern' and compromised the Christian message by walking away from the fundamentals. Do people really want a washed-down version of Christianity?

The debate about homosexual priests and same-gender marriages combined with its approach to be everything to all peoples has exhausted the Church. Instead of the Narrow Path, the Church has promoted the Wider Path, the Easy Way, putting aside fundamental values.

In times when political polarization and political violence are on the increase, we see many thousands stranded in a dangerous Limbo. They cannot trust Politicians, the cannot trust the Police or the Courts, and now they cannot even trust the Church. So, what is the answer? Alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and a despondent and selfish attitude towards each other.

Going to Church feels like going to a Hospital where there are no doctors and no nurses. There is no Heaven and there is no Salvation. All people have is a living Hell from which Death is the only exit.

People look at the Church and all they see is a crumbling corrupt political institution where propriety has been replaced by convenience and political correctness. This is why they are running away and this is why Christianity - not to be confused with bastard cults that make a mockery of Christianity - is on the way out.

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