Thursday, 4 April 2013

David Cameron: Defence budget to fall after 2015 and 45 minute WMD claim

David Cameron: Defence budget to fall after 2015 and 45 minute WMD claim

David Cameron
So, is it going up or is it going down? Just a few days ago, the government announced that, despite present reductions, the Defence Budget was going to recover in 2015. Now, David Cameron has reportedly said that the Defence budget is going to be reduced after 2015. You just blink and they tell you exactly the opposite.

Today, the British Prime Minister gave us another version of Tony Blair’s ‘45 minute WMD claim’. According to David Cameron, North Korea has the technology to hit Britain and this was his argument to justify Britain’s nuclear deterrent. Does North Korea have the technology to launch a nuclear attack against Britain? Really? What part of Britain? The Channel Islands? His febrile imagination? North Korea missile technology is said to be able to reach the Isle of Guam but that is a bit too far from mainland Britain and as far as we know North Korea does not have submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles.

If North Korea’s leaders were stupid enough to launch a nuclear strike, the only possible response would be a nuclear strike against North Korea and this would affect the entire region including South Korea and including Communist China. So instead of febrile speculation and 45 minute WMD claims, our Prime Minister would fare better if he concentrated his efforts to get us out of the present political and financial mess.   

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