Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Most politicians don't have a clue about money

Most politicians don't have a clue about money. They promise hundreds of thousands of new homes and all kinds of benefits but they don't know how they are going to pay for it.

Dianne Abbot is not alone. How many Police officers? How are you going to pay for them? Quite a few promises but not the knowledge or the ability to reply.

We have 650 Members of Parliament. How many of them are actually fit for purpose? Tuition Fees anyone? Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats made promises about Tuition Fees and they didn't actually deliver. But they are not alone in this kind of habit. The Green Party makes promises about this and about that. Well, the Green Party can promise whatever because they absolute know that they will not have to deliver. They can fool those who vote for the Green on the ticket of Saving the Planet.

We call it Democracy. Democracy? So paying for more than 800 Members of the House of Lords is Democracy? Paying for ignorant idiots who use the words Racist and Anti-Semite to stop having a real debate is a complete waste of money, time and space.

What the so called Remainers are angry about is that they stand to lose all the privileges that they get for doing absolutely nothing. Year on year, the United Kingdom has been sending truckloads of money to support a useless bureaucracy called European Union.

Why did the British people vote to Leave? Because they don't want to be robbed both in the United Kingdom and in the European Union. For more than forty years, the United Kingdom has been milked by parasites and the parasites are angry because a growing number of people who are aware of their deeds don't want to continue supporting their lifestyles.

The issue about Elections in the United Kingdom is not only about First Past the Post and Proportional Representation. We need to take control of British politics. Do we need more than 800 Lords and 650 Members of Parliament? What about regional assemblies? What about local and regional authorities? Where is the expertise that justifies the election of individuals that don't have a club about what they are doing or promising to do?

Democracy has been degraded by the very same people who are supposed to defend Democracy. It will come the day when the very existence of Democracy will be questioned.

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