Monday, 15 May 2017

Why is Labour's Helen Goodman promoting the British National Party?

Helen Goodman - Labour Party
Why Labour's Helen Goodman promoting the British National Party?

After the lethal attack against Jo Cox carried out by a man who the day before had asked and been denied mental support by the National Health Service and despite the efforts of the BBC, Sky News and the Political Establishment to depict the attack as a political motivated attack, the truth is that the said attack was de facto the consequence of a campaign of persecution against people whose only crime is not to agree with the policies of the so called mainstream political parties including the Labour Party.

Britain might be the only country in the entire world in which members of a legal political party that lawfully participes in elections are banned from certain professions. This is an interesting aspect remembering that many criticise National Socialist Germany for banning Jews from certain professions. Here the similarities between what Britain is doing and what happened in the regime headed by Adolf Hitler.

The then so-called anti-racist Member of Parliament launched a racist against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Twitter. Mr Hunt's wife happens to be Chinese and the then Labour MP Helen Goodman publicly insulted her for being Chinese.

When other politicians including members of her own party reacted, she was forced to delete the twit and apologise but what counts are first intentions. She publicly used the ethnicity of the wife of Mr Hunt to launch a politically motivated attack.

In a letter addressed to Helen Goodman, the British National Party Leader Adam Walker explains his reasons to stand in the Bishop Aukland Constituency.

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