Tuesday, 30 May 2017

When people stop believing in politics, violence get closer.

With every move to curtail Free Speech, civil war gets a step closer. LBC bosses are misguided. Katie Hopkins was a safety valve allowing people to express their views peacefully and on a democratic framework. Organisations like the Police Federation, the National Union of Journalists and others ban members of certain political parties, the mass media deny spaces that are fundamental for the sake of Free Speech.

What Nick Griffin, former British National Party Leader, is saying is all too obvious. Deprived of the opportunity of expressing their views within a Democratic framework, people will ultimately turn to violence.  If the government, the political classes, the mass media including the BBC, SKY News, LBC and others do not understand this, the price we will all pay will be extremely high in terms of human lives lost.

The repression exerted by the Political Correct Society has cost lives and there is more to come. When people stop believing that there is a political solution, they will certainly turn to violence. 

Like Jo Cox before her, Helen Goodman believes that repression is the answer. She couldn't be more mistaken. 

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