Friday, 26 May 2017

The Power of the word NO and Islam

The Power of the word NO and Islam

Ayann Hirsi Ali is one of the characters that the mass media not usually want to talk about because she breaks away from all their preconceived ideas.

The so called Religion of Peace forced her to live in hiding because she opposes much of what an murderous ideology called Islam stands for.

When it comes to real life, the cult promoted by mass media is a lot different from the sanctified image that is shown on our screens.

Ayann Hirsi Ali explicitly sayd that Muslims need to re-think sex, money and violence and the concept of time.

She wonders if depriving impressionable young men of entertainment and female companionship doesn't make them more susceptible to calls for self-annihilation. Well, events in the United Kingdom where gangs of Muslim men go on the rampage targeting vulnerable children for sexual gratification, plying them with drugs and alcohol very much supports her idea that sexual repression and a very abnormal way of life leads to violence and even to self-destruction.

The man who blew up himself in Manchester a few days ago was addicted to alcohol and drugs and he purposefully and willingly killed himself to destroy the lives of others. It was without saying that after leaving Islam and claiming back her human rights and the capacity of rejecting the ideology imposed on her, she lives in hiding somewhere in the United States of America after being a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands.

She laughs at those who talk about Islamophobia and says that if you are an ex-Muslim there are people who want to kill you on account of deserting Islam. It's reasonable to be a little concerned. That is not phobia. It is rational fear. The stupidity of Islam is such that on her supposed wedding day, she not even need to be present. The marriage was carried out without her consent and without her being present during the ceremony that was attended only by the groom. She calls Islam "bearded men preaching seventh-century laws".


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