Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Vote for the candidate that believes what you believe

Vote for the candidate that believes what you believe,

Many Labour Party supporters are struggling to decide if they should vote for a certain Labour Party candidate on June 8th, 2017.

For those who support the party leader Jeremy Corbyn this is extremely relevant. They have the options of:

  • voting for a Labour candidate for Member of Parliament that is against Jeremy Corbyn
  • abstaining, not voting at all
  • voting for another candidate that represents another political party.  
By voting for a certain Labour candidate you would be voting against what you think the Labour Party should stand for.

This has come to be because there is not one Labour Party. There are several Labour Parties existing as one that happen to have diametrically opposite views about very fundamental issues. I think that for the Labour Party to stand as one party is extremely dishonest and misguiding.

Lord Mandelson explicitly said that he works day and night to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and many other personalities of the Labour Party share his views on Jeremy Corbyn and promote a completely different set of views.

Therefore, look at each candidate, regardless of what political party they represent. Analyse their views and if you agree with his or her views vote for a certain candidate regardless of what political party he or she stands to represent. Vote for ideas. Don't vote for labels.  

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