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European Convention on Human Rights and Political Life in the United Kingdom

European Convention on Human Rights and Political Life in the United Kingdom

Article 14 - Prohibition of discrimination
The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in this Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status.

Why then in the United Kingdom members of legal political parties or who have been associated with legal political parties are banned from certain professions? 

This is an extremely serious issue and too many people in the United Kingdom are willing to accept discrimination against those they don't agree with. When people are banned from joining the Police services, for example, and this is done on political grounds such ban is a violation of the European Convention of Human Rights.

Those enforcing such bans like to portray themselves as supporters of Democracy and in fact they are not supporting Democracy because Democracy is based on deeds and not just empty words while many are being denied fundamental rights.

The Prison Service says it was the first public sector group to ban staff from belonging to racist groups, and specifically asks applicants if they belong to the BNP, the National Front or Combat 18.
The Association of Chief Police Officers also agreed a policy in 2004 that means police officers can be dismissed if they are members of the party.
Combat 18 is not a political party. Far from it, but both British National Party and National Front, whatever their ideological platforms, are legal political parties taking part in elections in the United Kingdom.
This shows very clearly that both the Prison Service, the Association of Chief Police Officers and other branches of the State are in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights that doesn't allow discrimination on political grounds.
What is even worse is that there are quite a few people ready and willing to violate the European Convention on Human Rights.
Moreover, I do believe that Jo Cox MP, the Labour Party MP that was killed a few months ago, was targeted because she was campaigning for additional violations of the European Convention on Human Rights.
When your political aim is to deprive others of their legitimate rights, you can expect that at a certain point in time life will catch up with you.
In the United Kingdom, anybody who dares to have an alternative point of view that doesn't coincide with the views of the so called mainstream political parties is usually called Nazi, Fascist, Xenophobe, Anti-Semite, Racist et cetera et cetera.
This is so much so that Universities that used to be at the forefront of new thinking and openness are now dominated by people that believe that they have the legitimate right of banning those that they don't like and this is why every time somebody who has the audacity to be a free-thinker is invited to talk there is a scandal and invitations are very often withdrawn for fear of offending a Political Correct Society that is destroying public freedoms.
Free Speech is no longer the rule. Free Speech is under attack. This is one of the fundamental reasons why Jo Cox MP was killed. The likes of the UAF and Hope Not Hate are not much different from the storm-troopers that they say that they criticise. Going around wearing balaclavas, shouting insults, threatening political opponents and attacking people that they don't like they are exactly what they say that they oppose.
In 2004, Nick Griffin then British National Party Leader, raised the alert about Muslim rape gangs abusing children in the United Kingdom. At the time, Nick Griffin was qualified as being Racist when all he did was to raise the alert about a crime that was becoming endemic. Rotherham was one of the British towns greatly affected but not the only one. The MP for Rotherham happened to be Denis MacShane from the Labour Party that blatantly chose not to do anything about it. The Police forces were instructed to deny the ethnicity of the attackers. The rest of the political establishment simply didn't want to talk about the issue when minors were being taken from public residences to be used in orgies of sex, alcohol and drugs carried out by grown up men.
The scandal went on and on and on, with politicians and Police forces whose duty was to protect vulnerable children from abuse simply choosing to cover up, to pretend that nothing was happening. Only in 2016, eight years after Nick Griffin first raised the alert, we started to see prosecutions with Muslim criminals involved in rape sent to jail.
Things changes but not that much. Instead of referring to Muslim criminals, the mass media, the Police and the political establishment chose to use the description "Asian rape gangs", apportioning blame to people of other ethnic groups that had nothing to do with the crimes being committed. The Sikh Community had nothing to do with it. The Chinese, the Japanese or other communities were not involved with the crimes being committed. They were afraid of using the terms Muslim Rape Gangs because the Politically Correct Discourse banned from doing so.
A few days ago, Katie Hopkins spoke about the issue on LBC Radio, and openly mentioned the curtain of secrecy and the organised attempt to deny that there were Muslim rape gangs. Therefore, I spoke with Nick Griffin and asked him if this wasn't a fundamental reason to be interviewed by LBC Radio given that he was the first one to raise the alert about crimes being committed. Nick Griffin stated that they wouldn't give him the opportunity to talk because there is a plain ban not to allow him to talk and this in a country that is supposed to be a Democracy.
There is political discrimination and people are being banned not just from speaking but also from legal professions. This is real Britain.

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