Thursday, 11 May 2017

Tommy Robinson: has Bedfordshire Police violated present legislation?

The Evening Standard reports that Tommy Robin was arrested after 'trying to film Muslims outside court".

If this is true, Bedfodrshire Police officers have become criminals because it is not a crime to film in a public space and Tommy Robinson should not have been arrested for filming in a public space.

If Police forces in the United Kingdom have become politicised and some are going beyond what British Laws determine that is legal those involved in the proceedings should be arrested and convicted for violating their fundamental role as Police officers.

Not long ago, there was a demonstration in Central London and I went to witness what was happening near the Houses of Parliament. When a woman representing the National Union of Journalists asked me if she could take a picture of me, I kindly declined but she approached a group of Police officers trying to ridicule me for not wanting to be photographed in public. The Police officers in question said 'it is perfectly acceptable to take pictures in a public space'.

So why then it was perfectly acceptable to take pictures in a public space in London and not possible to take pictures in public somewhere else in England? There is not one Law in London and another Law outside London. What transpires is that the said Police officers in Bedforshire chose to break the Law because the person taking pictures was Tommy Robinson and those being photographed were Muslims.

This is happening in the United Kingdom and the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice should take notice and rein in Police officers that are coming out of their way to engage in abuse of power.


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