Thursday, 11 May 2017

David Ward: Liberal Democrats are neither Democratic nor Liberal

Whatever your views on Palestine and about what is happening in Palestine, it is inconceivable that a Prospective Member of Parliament could have been deselected and put on a trial because he has strong views on Palestine.

A few days ago, Tim Farron who is reportedly a staunch Christian struggled to give a straight answer about homosexuality. This is called hypocrisy. Later on, put against the wall, he came up with an answer or what I call 'a political answer' because we cannot trust that the answer he gave reflects what Tim Farron actually believes in.

David Ward committed the crime of having strong views on Palestine and in the United Kingdom anybody who has strong views on Palestine risks being called Nazi, Anti-Semite and Jew hater.

Never mind if many Jews across the world - including in Israel - are highly critical of what is happening in Palestine and they themselves disagree with what is being done in Palestine. But whatever your views on Palestine, we have a fundamental right to agree or disagree, a right that has been discarded by the Liberal Democratic Party.


I hope you don't mind me getting in touch with you again. I believe I previously had contact when you signed my petition demanding that Isreal stopped persecuting the Palestinian people.

You may have heard that I have been suspended from the Liberal Democrats just before nominations were due in for candidates in the General Election on 8th June 2017. Someone has made a complaint that my views are not consistent with the Lib Dems.

I was properly approved and selected to stand in 2015 and again and for the expected General Election in 2020. My appeal against the complaint cannot be heard until after the 8th June. I believe this has been done to stop me standing as a candidate in the General election. The Lib Dems have imposed a candidate on the local party of volunteers who have been publicly criticised for selecting me.

People have a right not to vote for me but what I will not accept is being prevented from standing as someone who has been outspoken against a foreign country which has numerous UN Resolutions condemning it for the way it behaves.

Standing up to my detractors and trying to become an independent MP is at a huge personal and financial cost. I had already raised the cost of fighting the election as a Lib Dem but that cannot now be used. I have got one week to raise the £12,800 pounds it costs to be a candidate in a British General Election. Please, can you help me?  Please send whatever you can afford.
Best wishes
David Ward
Independent Candidate for Bradford East

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