Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Arms Lobby doesn't like peace between US and Russia

Arms Lobby doesn't like peace between US and Russia

Any signs of joviality and closeness between US and Russia is something that the Arms Lobby and those who benefit from rivalry and wars don't like.

But Senator Schumer, one of President Trump's staunchest critics doesn't practice what he preaches. He is angry because President Trump is being friendly with Russia and because his party lost a Presidential Election having chosen the wrong candidate - a woman with self-evident physical and mental problems that will go on blaming others but not so much herself for her own defeat. The Russians did this, the Russians did that. No mention whatsoever of cheating within the Democratic Party against another Democratic candidate - Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders was robbed by the very same people who now ran around shouting about foul play.

Hillary Clinton didn't wipe out her emails for fear of being hacked. She wiped out her emails before they could fall into the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. CNN (Clinton News Network) and other mass media and the war machine of Hollywood became a gigantic propaganda machine targeting Donald Trump as aspiring Presidential Candidate, as Presidential Candidate and now as President of the United States of America.

Does anybody want to push the Nuclear Button? If we don't want somebody to push the Nuclear Button we must choose dialogue instead of confrontation. Organised and premeditated hostility towards the Russian Federation will not bring Peace but War.

NATO forces massing along the borders of the Russian Federation are a reminder of what happened on June 22 1941 - Unternehmen Barbarossa. As Adolf Hitler said, armies are made for war. Massing troops along the borders of another country is not a sign of the will for peace but of the determination to go to war. On June 22, 1941, National Socialist Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and the rest is history.

Some people in the higher echelons of power of the United States of America want Nuclear War and Senator Charles Schumer could be one of them and so could be Senator John McCain - two warmongers - one on the Democratic side and another on the Republican side.

Both Senator Schumer and Senator McCain are members of the pro-war campaign. They don't want friendship and cooperation between two key countries in the Security Council of the Organisation of the United Nations.

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