Saturday, 13 May 2017

Yvette Cooper: More than 50 countries were attacked by hackers

More than 50 countries suffered hacking and among them some of the countries that invest more in technology. Despite this fundamental truth, Ivette Cooper, the Mirror and others try to make it a political issue taking advantage of high levels of ignorance when it comes to computer technology.

The list includes Russia, China and Taiwan. Do you reckon Russia, China and Taiwan invest very little in technology? No matter how much money you invest in technology, any system can be broken into.

Just come to my mind the words of General George S Patton referring to lines of defence: "anything created by man, can be destroyed by man".

Any system, including the Pentagon and the CIA, can be hacked and it is not because of lack of investment. The political classes are completely out of their depths when it comes to technology and what can be done with it.

So please, don't make yourselves look and sound like ignorant ass holes by pretending that there is a system that cannot be broken into. Every system, even the most technologically advanced system, can be broken into.

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