Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Muslim Kamikazes are not cowards and are not crazy

Muslim Kamikazes are not cowards and are not crazy

Because I had the life experience of confronting some of these people, I know that the political establishment, the Police and the mass media and people in general are making a serious mistake.

We are dealing with individuals who do not want to divide us. The couldn't care less if we are united or not.

They are not cowards. No one willing to lose his or her own life could possibly be called a coward.

They are not crazy. They truly believe that they are fighting for a right cause and they could be more rational and more logical than anybody else.

The constant speeches about 'we stand together and they will not divide us' is sheer rubbish. We are confronting an enemy who doesn't cares about our lives or our values. They purely and simply want to destroy us and in so doing wipe out everything we stand for.

Everybody talks about how awful it is that they target children. They target everybody regardless of sex, age and gender. In their minds, children will grow up to become what we are and therefore they just kill them to stop them from growing and becoming what we are.

We are at war with an enemy that is very much living around us, in our own environment and who will attack whenever they feel that they can achieve their objectives.

We could organise ten thousand Cobra meetings. It will not make a heck of a difference. We cannot use Nuclear weapons against them. We cannot used force against them. We cannot predict when they will attack. We are totally and utterly defenceless. They have total access to our technology. They have total access to every part of our social and defensive structures. They can strike anytime and they have the time to be selective in order to make the greatest impact.

The Police cannot protect us against them. MI5 and MI6 cannot protect us against them. The attack in Manchester could not be foreseen as the killing of Lee Rigby came out of the blue.

I know that the Prime Minister and various other politicians and broadcasters would like to be reassuring to soothe people who are suffering because of the atrocity Manchester suffered in the last few hours. They have good intentions but their good intentions will not help us avoid the next atrocity and there will be more atrocities.

Karl Hohenstauffen

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