Sunday, 21 May 2017

Marion Maréchal Le Pen: Un interval avant de rentrer

Marion Maréchal Le Pen: Un interval avant de s'engager de nouveau dans la vie politique de France.

Marion Maréchal Le Pen: An interval before becoming engaged once again in France's political life.

One can perfectly understand that a very young woman and mother (27 years-old) who has been a very active political campaigner with political responsibilities since she was 22 years of age, has to deal with fundamental priorities.

As a mother, she has decided that at this point in time, she must and she needs to devote more time to her daughter at a very crucial stage of her life. As a politician, she has decided that she needs to acquire more experience in the world outside professional politics so that one day she can return to politics.

I do remember where I was when I was her age and I totally understand the decision she made. I also remember my life as a little child and the regular absences of my parents who were very often away from the family home. Even at my age the memories of those days are extremely vivid as if it was happening right now. To be elected at the age of 22 is a remarkable achievement and especially taking into account the political realities of France. To have maintained such coherence, consistency and energetic approach when other much older and much more experienced politicians faltered shows the character and temperament of Marion Maréchal Le Pen. When the time comes, she will more than ready to face new and more difficult challenges.

Front National values family and family values and therefore family is for her a fundamental priority. Front National values experience and knowledge and therefore her mission is to acquire experience and knowledge that would render her capable of being an even more effective politician with knowledge of the world outside the world of professional politics.

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