Monday, 15 May 2017

Jo Cox: Right to the Point

Jo Cox: Right to the Point

  • The then Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered. Fact. 
  • The man who killed her had asked NHS for help because he was feeling mentally unstable and was told to come back another day. Fact

  • Jo Cox was campaigning to deprive quite a lot of people of the right to have say in a Democratic Society. Fact.

  • In the UK, there is legislation and regulations that bans members of legal political parties from certain professions. Fact.
These are the irrefutable facts and we know that this is the case and that for a very long time 1) the infra-structure to deal with cases of mental illness has been deficient and 2) there has been institutionalised political repression promoted by some political parties, the mass media and para-political organisations and the Trade Union movement to the point that one particular organisation called the National Union of Journalists actively encourages and promotes hostile attitudes against people who do not agree with its own ideological platform.

At this moment in time, I am not a member of any political party, I have no political affiliation whatsoever. Just a few days ago, I went to witness rallies that took part near the Houses of Parliament - one organised by Britain First and another organised by EDL.

I was accosted by a woman identified as a representative of the National Union of Journalists that in a very intimidating bully manner came to me and started a sort of interrogation followed by all kinds of accusations. I was there merely as an observer, filming and talking to people around me and this included talking to deployed Police officers both at Charing Cross BR and on the Embankment promenade. I didn't make any speeches. I didn't applaud or cheer anyone. I repeat: I was there merely as an external observer.

So called UAF and Hope Not Hate are bully organisations and we know the tactics some of their members use wearing balaclavas and physically attacking those that they don't like. It has got to the point when Conservative Party activists were attacked and politicians like Nigel Farage stated that at one point he was afraid of living his home for fear of being targeted by violent thugs.

The death of an individual is lamentable but how much of what is going on was promoted by Jo Cox herself? The present climate of intolerance and violence against political opponents has existed for quite a while and have said more than once that Police forces are deployed to protect people against United Against Fascism that I call United Against Freedom and Hope Not Hate that I call Hate Not Hope.

Banning members of legal political parties from certain professions is not only wrong. It should be illegal because it is not consistent with Democracy. The fact that such bans exist degrades Democracy and promotes discrimination and persecution.  


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