Saturday, 29 April 2017

War on Terror or War on Islam? This is the question.

The fundamental question is very real. War on Terror or War on Islam? And it is a question asked from all sides of the divide, by both Muslims and non-Muslims. 

There is a struggle not just in terms of countering the threat of terrorism but also in terms of dealing with social and cultural issues that have a political nature and are undermining our way way of life and putting lives in danger.

The fact that we are having to invest a significant amount of resources keeping in British jails many Muslims involved in terrorism and the fact that we have to spend so much money, time and brainpower to keep terrorism at bay, when we don't have enough resources to invest in other areas that constitute the essence of normal life, indicate that we are at War and that the enemies are Muslim.

We are arming ourselves to the teeth for the event of foreign wars and we are fighting a homeland war that is step by step eroding our civil rights and our freedoms. The conflict is very real and political correctness is a deadly disadvantage because it weakens us and makes us vulnerable.

During World War Two there was something called Internment Camps, where presumed enemies of Britain were detained even when they had done nothing YET. The word YET is very important. There is no such a thing as a peaceful enemy. If somebody is a potential threat, he or she is a threat. 

The fact that members of Muslim Communities haven't done anything yet is not a guarantee that they will not get involved in terrorism or support terrorism in the near future. There are areas of high concentration of dangerous elements that have been arrested or are at present being tracked down.

We must put Political Correctness aside and go for the jugular to make sure that no more lives are lost unnecessarily. 

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