Friday, 28 April 2017

The idea of Islam being a religion of peace is getting more and more difficult to sell

The idea of Islam being a Religion of Peace is getting more and more difficult to sell as Police officers publicly say that they are arresting Muslims involved in terror activities on a daily basis.

As a religion Islam or might not be a Religion of Peace but what becomes clearer and clearer is that quite a few Muslims - other Muslims at birth or Muslims because of having converted to Islam are not peaceful at all and are plotting on 24/7 basis to commit acts of terrorism on British soil. Coming to the definition of British, the mass media, the political classes, et cetera, talk about British Muslims. Are they? Are they truly British? Are they British first or Muslims first? What is in the minds of those involved in terrorism even when they were born in the United Kingdom? Allegiance to Britain and British customs and way of life? It appears that they have no allegiance to Britain at all and that they are ideological enemies of British customs and way of life.

On the day when a man was convicted and received a twelve weeks sentence accused of broadcasting anti-Muslim messages, we also have to deal with people who plot to destroy our way of life by promoting Islamic messages.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel explicitly and very publicly said: Multikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead). We cannot have societies in which people live apart ruled by different rules according to their faiths. Islam is contrary to the very fundamentals of Democracy.

Western societies have division of powers, one Law for all, and the belief that men and women are equals before the Law and before God. Islam is very much against gender equality and very much supports discrimination. Whatever the mass media say, whatever the political classes say, Islam is inherently discriminatory and non democratic. In Western societies, people are free to believe or not to believe, to have a religious faith or to have none and no one is lawfully persecuted because of his or her religious ideas or lack of religious ideas. Islam condemns those who do not adhere to Islam classifying them as non-believers. In Islam, there is no concept of religious freedom.

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