Saturday, 26 May 2012

Theresa May: Demagogy and lies

Theresa May: Demagogy till the end.

It is funny, but not in the sense of amusing. The Home Secretary Theresa May tries to show herself as efficient and effective in the implementation of policies to the extreme of announcing measures that are clearly illegal – on top of being something impossible to implement.

So the Euro crash can lead to mass migration from Greece and other European countries towards Britain.

Ladies and Gentlemen: No British government can possibly stop mass migration from within the European Union as long as Britain remains part of the European Union and there is something called the Schengen Agreement. So, the Home Secretary is basically lying, lying and lying even more like somebody trying to patch up a sinking Titanic.

We are being governed by a bunch of idiots. Britain is borrowing more than ever before and should a cloud of desperate European Union citizens fall into Britain the Welfare State would basically collapse because the Welfare State is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, chunk of the British public budget.

Those who cannot find a job – and rest assured that the vast majority of those coming to Britain will not find a job – will be legally entitled to claim welfare benefits in Britain. So, lets see how the politically correct classes deal with it.
Any increase of the Welfare State will mean a reversal of budget cuts and added borrowing on top of rising borrowing and this is the reality Britain is facing as political commentators talk about mass migration from other countries of the European Union towards Britain. 

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