Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mass Media Political Fraud and OFCOM criminal behaviour

The way the mass media have conducted themselves during the London Mayoral Election amounts to political fraud and OFCOM is very much to blame behaving like a criminal organization and justifying a status quo that destroys democratic credibility in the United Kingdom.

The charade that the London Mayoral Election has become by not allowing all political parties to take part in the real mayoral debate is giving ammunition to the Breiviks and Meerahs because ordinary people are not being allowed to know what all political parties stand for and what they propose because interviews are manipulated and focused on issues that interest the mass media but not forcefully interest the general public.

We are not given the opportunity to challenge the demagogy of the so called mainstream political parties that are constantly lying to the Electorate promising things that they cannot possibly deliver and demonising other political parties that are not given the opportunity to participate on an equal footing. 

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