Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Andrei Lugovoi didn’t murder Alexander Litvinenko

Andrei Lugovoi didn’t murder Alexander Litvinenko

Suddenly, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place when new evidence confirms that the British establishment used Andrei Lugovoi as a scapegoat to hide the truth about the death of Alexandr Litvinenko that could have been killed to protect Boris Berezovski.

A team of British experts, Bruce and Tristam Burgess, members of the British Polygraph Association, carried out a lie detector test that proves that Andrei Lugovoi had nothing to do with the assassination carried out either by people close to Boris Berezovski or by British agents in one of the most scandalous cover up operations that surpasses the so called suicide of Dr. David Kelly or the 45-minute claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction used as an excuse for the illegal invasion of Iraq.

The questions asked were:

1)      Did you facilitate the death of Alexandr Litvinenko?
2)      Were you involved in the death in any way at all?
3)      Did you ever handle plutonium?

Andrei Lugovoi spoke the truth and his answers were unambiguously confirmed by senior polygraphologist Bruce Burguess and an official written conclusion was drawn up following the test.

There’s no politics in the polygraph, its function is to determine the truth. Now that the truth has been established, the question arises: Who did kill Alexander Litvinenko? But that’s a different story.

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